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with light and love

The new Woods record With Light and With Love Is streaming over here until it’s release on April 15th.  Listen to it and get pumped for their return to SPACE on May 13th with Quilt and Herbcraft 

Promo for HOTSPOT coming to SPACE in March.


Look what you can buy at Longfellow Books!!

Come by and look at all the names of our donors on our new acknowledgement wall! Hand lettering by Anne. (at Space Gallery)

Doria Pappaminiel’s “Brain Having Fries” (detail) in the SPACE Free For All (at Space Gallery)

Robert Hyde’s “Soft Tree ( with Noise) in the SPACE Free For All (at Space Gallery)

Crystal Cawley’s “Big Baby Booties” in the SPACE Free For All (at Space Gallery)

Hannah Lee Hoffman’s “Follow the Buffalo” in the SPACE Free For All (at Space Gallery)

Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? @ SPACE January 14th.  A series of animated conversations between Noam Chomsky and Michel Gondry.  

This picture is from the last Free For All show — you could bring work here by Saturday and be in Free For All 4. #tbt (at Space Gallery)

Come embrace the DARKNESS with visuals/sounds by More and Co. and cocktails by The Bearded Lady.

SPACE friend/supporter since the beginning Phuc Tran was featured on NPR’s Ted Radio Hour last week.  The theme of the show was “spoken and unspoken” and Phuc’s was the best of the lot.  Take a few minutes and listen to it here.  Above is a video produced (and premiered at SPACE) to celebrate Tsunami Tattoo's 10 year anniversary.  The Tsunami family are salt of the earth, go see them for your next tattoo.  

SPACE gift memberships!

Bending Steel is one of the best documentaries of the year.  Sunday January 12th @ SPACE.